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AutoTuba and TruckTuba


A horn loaded sub in a car? Traditional theory says horns are too big to fit in a car, but traditional theory dates from the 1940's. AutoTuba is a bass horn that can be loaded with an eight or ten inch long throw woofer.

Auto Tuba

Using a driver that small means you can get a full seven foot long horn in a package small enough (14x15x32 inches) to fit in your trunk. But the small size doesn't mean a small sound. The AutoTuba easily beats commercial subs. Here's what builder Bruce Klemz said about his:

"Wonderful, way better than I hoped. Smooth, deep bass. Much better than the 15" ported box they replaced - very musical.”

Check out this SPL chart, comparing the in vehicle response of the AutoTuba, loaded with a $35 eight inch woofer, to an average twelve inch commercial sub:

The AutoTuba runs on average 10dB hotter than a store bought sub, and that means it sounds twice as loud. But it won't cost you twice as much. You can build your AutoTuba for less than $100, complete.

AutoTuba also may be built in a taller 20" x 22" x 15" version, for spaces where a higher box is a better fit, like in between the seats of a van. Both versions are included in the plans.

Tall Auto Tuba

Drive a pickup truck? AutoTuba probably won't fit in your ride, but this probably will:


TruckTuba has similar response to AutoTuba in a narrow box. The side dimension is 24 x 36 inches, and it can be made as shallow as 5 inches, to fit behind the seat of most pickup trucks. It shares the same driver options as AutoTuba, all that differs is the cabinet shape.

AutoTuba and TruckTuba are two separate plans; you must specify which plan you’re ordering.

Construction Degree of Difficulty: 5

Performance Quotient: 7

Equivalent Retail Value: $ 699

Plans are $14.95, delivered within 24 hours as email attachment in MS Word format. 17 pages, 36 diagrams. PDF available on request.

Also includes an active 3D program so that you can view the cabinet in any orientation with X-Ray vision!